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First Post!

Well, this is it guys, my first post.

I’m not sure where to begin, I feel like my first post should be more auspicious than this… But trying to break the ice is hard, I can’t even buy you a drink, make wild hand gestures, or show you what I can shove through my ear gauges, ( a personal favorite of my mother). Actually,  perhaps I’ll show you that later…

Anyway, before I get completely sidetracked by gross things I can do, I suppose I should give you the reasons for starting this little venture. I love reading Blogs and Web-comics, being quite in awe of people who can keep me coming day after day, so this is my New Years resolution- I’m going to write about my life and put it out there for the internet to see.  I really hope a few people out there will find me amusing!

Well guys, that’s it for now, there will be much more coming- I mean we’ve just met, soon I’ll be telling you embarrassing stories about work, and my love life.