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This Weekend

So it’s been a few days, but I’ve been busy! I’ve met new people, gone to parties, and have perhaps picked up a new hobby, Dagorhir! <= Click for more info!

Basically it’s LARPing, something that I know I’ve giggled at in the past, but going and seeing it in person, and meeting the awesome people involved in it really piqued my interest. The dressing up, and beating each other with foam weapons are just bonuses. ^_^ It’s something I may be trying out, though I’m a little nervous about starting out, I have no gear, and I don’t want to look silly out on the field waving my foam bat around stupidly… but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I  am debating putting purple back into my hair, so far my job hunt has been unsuccessful, and I can always color it black if I get an interview, right?! Oh who am I kidding, there will be purple in my hair before the week is out, I already bought the hair color. Now I’m just waiting till I talk someone into doing it for me, the back is always so hard to reach…